Chilling in the Desert Air

It is difficult to explain the heat of India to a foreign tourist and especially in a desert area, lots of misconceptions are bound to be there. So today we’re going to clear all the misconceptions about the heat and travel.

  1. We don’t deny it’s hot. But then we have excellent cooling interiors where you can laze out under the chilling coolers and air conditioners and beat the desert heat.
  2. Nights are really amazing! There’s nothing like an enjoyable summer night in Jaisalmer. Open your windows, stare at the stars and get all nostalgic about the fun night that will follow. You won’t get this anywhere!
  3. Be hydrated. With chilled mineral water available everywhere, water is never a problem though you might think that this is a desert. Fact is that Jaisalmer became a desert over centuries of environmental changes, not because of water shortage.
  4. All the architecture was made to keep interiors cool. The yellow sandstone not only works as camouflage but also as natural coolant. So whether its Hotel Priya building or any places of interest you happen to visit, all are naturally cool thereby allowing you to adjust body temperature without falling sick.

Some little precautions you need to take –

  • If you’re into adventure, avoid hiking from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Instead hike at dawn or dusk, preferably dawn as the city is cool since at dusk its still warm after a day of high temperatures.
  • Drink plenty of water, avoiding caffeinated beverages. Don’t wait until you are thirsty to begin drinking water. You are already dehydrated by that point. Feeling moody or lethargic? You are probably dehydrated.
  • Eat salty snacks throughout the day. Your body looses a lot of salt in the heat that needs to be replaced. Carry electrolyte powder to supplement your loss of vital salts.
  • Carry a spray bottle to mist yourself while walking or hiking.
  • Find shade and take frequent breaks in high temperatures. The havelis spread all over Jaisalmer are perfect stopping spots to cool off
  • Wear a hat and apply sunscreen often.

Tip: Fill your water bottle with ice that will melt as the day goes on.