Believing in You

Do you know that you hold a special place in our hearts? There have been good times and then there have been trying times too – that’s what makes the journey worthwhile…..doesn’t it? Hmmm…. so while we go back and think of the beautiful times we shared and the memories that evoked; why don’t we experience them again? I hear that!

A sigh

Oh no! You don’t have to do anything…Really! All is taken care of. You just need to dress up for the occasion and come. That’s it. Simple, isn’t it?

Now don’t get excited and try to  make me blurt out what I’m doing. No! No! I won’t tell. Ahem… Ok…. Ok! Sister that you are I know I can’t keep myself shut up. Well……

We’re going to Jaisalmer!! ………wait ….. wait!!! What’s more is that we’re going on Rakshabandhan and stay at Hotel Priya…. Ok now shout and scream with excitement as much as you want… I told you everything!  😀


[A brother wants to give his sister a surprise… but she can’t wait, can she? Why don’t you also give such a surprise to your sister and come to Jaisalmer? The doors of Hotel Priya are open to welcome you!]