Charms of Hospitality

Built around you; it gave us so much pleasure to find you, to be of service to you and to make memories with you. When Hotel Priya was envisioned you were the center of our concept. Your smile was the first fundamental reason we vowed to keep ourselves in focus


Charm and hospitality is in the heart of Jaisalmer. Managed by friendly and welcoming staff, Hotel Priya‘s walls exude warmth and comfort.

Your stay at our hotel will be the finest memories of your stay in Jaisalmer. With all the warmth that you receive, you are sure to feel at home with us. Not only that, the month of February marks the upcoming spring arrival. This makes your stay all the more special. You’re sure to be enamored by the season’s heralding times of freshness and being reborn.

The city begins to stir to a new found freshness this month. This energetic shift makes you feel gloriously amazed. Start your plans to visit Jaisalmer and you’re in for festive preparations that follow for the Spring month of March. February and March are special months in Jaisalmer and you can’t help but notice the bright colors in the desert waves.